Off Roads, Rough roads, potholes, bumpy rides- all these can make things difficult for your vehicle tyres which will ultimately disturb the alignment of your wheels. Misaligned tyres can cause side- pulling, steering wheel vibration, the uneven wearing of tyres, etc.

Galaxy Tyres Wheel Alignment

The alignment of your tyres is a crucial part of your vehicle’s maintenance. A poorly aligned set of tyres will result in a rough, uneven and unsafe ride. The general rule for drivers is that you get your car’s wheel alignment checked at every 15,000 kms or at least once a year. Doing so will ensure a safe and comfortable drive at all times. You also need to get your tyres aligned if you’ve recently had an accident where the tyres were affected such as driving over potholes or hitting curbs or bumps hard. Having properly aligned wheels gives you the following benefits: • A more economical ride as fuel consumption is lower than when wheels are unaligned • It saves you from expensive repairs • A smooth and safe ride. A good grip and better tyre control • Increases the lifespan of your tyres.